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In 1953, Albert Lesperance

bought the garage and gas pumps on Balm Beach Road in Tiny Township. Ever since the Lesperance family have owned and run Lesperance Service

and Towing.


In 1956, Richard and Muriel Lesperance started running the business and continued for years to come until their son Tim and

his wife Shelley took over.


The gas pumps were originally a Supertest Station. Soon after it was changed to a BP, and then finally to a Petro Canada Service Station. They don't offer fueling stations anymore, but it was a part of the business that made it where it is today.


Richard and Muriel had 4 children, Brian, Ron, Tim, and Bonnie.

Tim and his wife Shelley eventually took over the business after his Dad, and are the current owners of the business.



Tim & Shelley Lesperance
Phil Silver, Tow Technician
Devin Desroches, Tow Technician
Richard and Muriel Lesperance
Lesperance Service and Towing logo, service centre, truck and Tim giving the thumbs up
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